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Réussite A+ was born in 2005 from a desire to support primary and secondary students in their studies.

Having worked in the field of education for several years in renowned private schools in Montreal and with degrees in law, finance and accounting, our two founders decided to combine their passion and dedication to academic success by offering face-to-face courses. has Brossard in premises filled with kindness and motivation.

Due to the success of our tutoring service, we have opened our online tutoring service so that we can be accessible to as many parents and students as possible.

We now have students all over Quebec and abroad!




Our passion and dedication for the success of our students has pushed us to create our own working methodology and documentation to ensure that each student, whether from primary to secondary, always receives the same quality of education. In addition to the personalized monitoring that we offer to each student, we also offer documentation that follows the ministry's programs as well as educational sheets.

Our quality of learning is recognized and the satisfaction of our customers (both parents and children) is the greatest reward. Do not hesitate to consult the testimonials left by the parents of the students we have supported on our site.

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Welcome to “Réussite A+”, your dedicated partner in the quest for academic success. Our mission is clear: we aspire to inspire and guide every student toward educational excellence by providing superior, personalized online tutoring. At “Réussite A+”, we believe in emancipation through education and we are committed to offering educational resources adapted to the individual needs of each student, in particular with our online tutoring service to make our services accessible to all. Our core values ​​include accessibility, trust, integrity and empathy. We strive to create an educational environment where every student feels supported, encouraged and ready to excel.

Learning is Fun


The culture at “Réussite A+” transcends the simple provision of educational services. We are a passionate community of mentors, educators, and professionals who share a common vision of empowerment through knowledge. Our culture is infused with a commitment to lifelong learning, educational innovation and mutual respect. We foster an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone contributes to the richness of our community. At “Réussite A+”, we are convinced that education is not limited to the classroom, but is a collective journey towards personal and intellectual development.

The results speak for themselves. Over the years, “Réussite A+” has had the honor of supporting hundreds of students on the path to academic success. Our sustained efforts have been rewarded by the recognition of our students. We are proud to have contributed to individual successes, whether through improving grades, preparing for exams or discovering a passion for learning. These achievements are our driving force, reinforcing our resolve to continue delivering superior educational solutions. “A+ Success” stands for achievement and inspiration, and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of educational excellence.

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We are committed to offering different services to support your children:

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