We offer homework helpin several areas in Brossard, on the South Shore, for an improvement in academic performance

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Offered services :

  • School support
  • Help with homework
  • Preparation for secondary admission exams
  • Preparation for different school exams
  • Elementary and secondary school support.

Take advantage of our homework help servicefor improved results

If you are on the South Shore and notice that doing homework seems to be a chore for your young one, or that they tend to neglect them, take advantage of our homework help service. Homework provides the opportunity to practice, learn, and improve, and if it is not done properly, it can have a negative impact on learning patterns.

For this reason, we have set up a homework help service that allows us to assist children when preparing for their projects, presentations or any other exercise. This way, learning is done in a friendly and intimate setting where the child can progress at his own pace.

By working with our experts who have a great mastery of the field, they will know how to help and guide the student to achieve better results. Our programs have not just been built on our experience, but have been based on reliable concepts that have been developed in the field of education and neuroscience, allowing us to adjust to the needs of every student in our school in an efficient manner.

Whatever the field or need, we will focus on paying particular attention to homework until you see the difference in academic achievement, but also the child's confidence. You will see your child's self-esteem increase, which will allow him to gain more confidence in overcoming the other challenges that will come up to him, but also feel better with his friends.

Doing homework doesn’t have to be a chore! On the contrary, we create an atmosphere conducive to learning that allows students to grow at their own pace and we also have a transportation system in place to help parents. To take advantage of our exceptional services, contact us today at  514-377-8433 or .

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We provide homework help for students on the South Shore

We offer a homework help service in the Brossard area for all students because whatever the reason might be, help should always be welcomed.

Indeed, whether it is due to a lack of will, children experience difficulty or just a lack of interest and sometimes the solution is to entrust them to experts outside school hours who may not only identify their needs but also address them by offering solutions and customized strategies. 

At A+, we make sure that our curriculum and teaching model is built on sound principles in education and neuroscience, allowing us to be able to offer unique services to each student. We cover several subjects such as mathematics, science, French, English and more. We do it in an environment that will allow the child to learn at their own pace, gain confidence and improve their results. 

In Brossard, on the South Shore, we specialize in the homework help service

Which allows us to identify the gaps or problems that students face in order to offer them services specifically tailored to their needs. Have you noticed a drop in your child's academic performance or a lack of interest in certain subjects that result in a lack of effort?

If so, do not hesitate to contact us! We make sure to base our programs on reliable models that produce results that can not be ignored. By doing business with us, you will see results improve and children will feel more comfortable with their tasks and homework, which will lead to success. We believe in excellence and it is a value that we make sure to promote through our services. 

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