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Offered services :

  • School support
  • Help with homework
  • Preparation for secondary admission exams
  • Preparation for different school exams
  • Elementary and secondary school support.

For quality academic tutoring services, consult the experts at A + in Brossard

In Brossard, on the South Shore, our team has been dedicated to the academic success of your children through our tutoring service for more than 15 years.

It is often difficult to identify the cause of a gap or academic difficulty in children. However, there are certain signs that will betray the need for more specific attention, such as a decline in grades, a difficulty to assimilate some subjects more than others, or the stress at the approach of an exam. All of these are good indicators that suggest that tutoring would be a good option because the solution is not always as simple as you think.

Many people say that spending more time doing homework or using other techniques will do the trick, but a more personalized approach might be sufficient. With the reality of parents today, it can be difficult to invest the time needed to help children with their academic needs outside of traditional school hours and that's when our help becomes crucial. We pay special attention and employ a personalized approach to the needs of the student to help him improve his results, because in most cases, students are not able to receive personalized help in school because of the number of students, the pace of learning and the different learning levels of the children.

For this, tutoring is effective because it allows personal development, without pressure or judgment, in a framework adapted to progress. We provide support for homework, but also for preparation for different exams. Having tutoring can help children feel reassured and more confident, especially as they will be able to work specifically on their shortcomings and overcome difficulties.

At A + we make it our mission to provide support tailored to meet the specific needs of children, whether in French or English, but also in mathematics or science. The variety of what we offer is the very proof that needs vary from student to student, and our professionals will be able to identify and address deficiencies. We invite you to come meet us! Contact us at 514-377-8433 or .

We invite you to come meet us!

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School support for students in Brossard

At A +, our experts are here to provide tutoring to students on the South Shore.

Sometimes, it is enough to give your child the opportunity to have more specialized help, which will help identify and remedy the deficiencies. Thanks to their experience, our experts will be able to diagnose their needs in order to push them to success. We believe in academic excellence and there is nothing more satisfying for you and us than to see their results improve, and their confidence increase.

Our services include support in subjects such as math, French and English, science and more. We also help with homework because we know that practice produces positive results. In case of a need for more personalized support for the preparation of major exam, we will spend the necessary time, using our tools and knowledge to help.

For any Tutoring in Brossard, on the South Shore, do not hesitate to contact A + for personalized help.

Whatever the field or subject in which the child needs help, we will be able to adopt a unique and personalized strategy thanks to our expertise accumulated over the past 15 years. We encourage academic excellence and you will see the results with our continued support. In addition, we also help with homework and exams, whether for exams for the transition to a private high school or other programs. The advantage of being helped by us is that we will do everything we can to get the child moving at his own pace, without the pressure of his peers, while progressing. We do not just support the students, but also the parents who lack the time to dedicate themselves to the school activities of the child. That is why we are here!

Contact us today for more information at 514-377-8433 or .

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